Friday, February 21, 2014

So busy.... can not catch up.

I have not been able to consistently blog. I have been really busy. I am going to try to be better. Quick rundown of how things have been going this February:

1. I have been watching a lot of the Olympics. I love every thing about it except the Curling.... what an annoying sport (Sorry to any one that likes it)

2. I have been really focused on my calling in the church. I am teaching a lot and really focused in the lives of the girls that I teach. I am really good friends with 2 of my girls moms and they like to invite me to do things with them. Activities this month have included New Beginnings (an introduction to the young women program for any new beehives coming in throughout the year) Baptisms for the dead, Personal progress and this upcoming Tuesday hip hop abs at my place! We are having a little health and fitness lesson.

3. I blogged a little bit ago about how I thought there was a Cougar in my yard. Well about a week ago people found and killed a Cougar less than a mile away from my house. So I am convinced that there was for sure a cougar in my yard that day.

4. Hercules has been growing really big (I will post a lot of pictures of him probably tomorrow because my little nephew Benjamin loves to look at him)

5. Work is really busy lately. We added a new member to the office staff which requires a lot of training and time. Also sales have increased so there is more of my regular job to do.

6. I did hit 10 pounds down 3 days ago so I will need to post a pic soon and here is to the next ten!

7. I have been more OCD than normal I cleaned out my basement and have been in a deep cleaning mode.

That is pretty much what is going on and I am going to try to be better about posting.

PS: Note to Nancy. I did get your Valentines cards and loved them! I have been trying to Skype you guys but every time I log in you are offline. I wanted to skype Hercules for Benjamin. Hope all is well. Love you guys.


  1. Good to hear from you! We'd love to skype with you—just email or text or call or IM to let us know you're on or to "schedule" a time and we can be sure to hop on. We don't always log onto skype. :)

    Congrats on hitting 10 lbs!

  2. Richard says, "Just turn on any curling match with the Koreans and I agree with your comment." Otherwise, he thinks curling is fascinating.