Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl vs Harry Potter

I have never been a huge fan of sports so Super Bowl Sunday has never been a huge part of my life. So while most people were watching the Super Bowl, I was finishing up my Harry Potter weekend. Of course I took a break from Harry Potter to go to church and do an hour of Zumba.

For those of you who are following my weight loss journey I have decided to switch up my work out each month. January was considered my Hip Hop Abs month. I Did hip hop abs every day in January except for 4 days out of the month. February is my Zumba month. I already go to a Zumba class three days a week but I also have the Zumba fitness game for X-Box. I decided that I would do Zumba for an hour every day this month and see if I can trick my body and get out of this plateau of 9 pounds down and get to ten.

Any way that is how I spent my Super Bowl Sunday.

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