Friday, February 21, 2014

So busy.... can not catch up.

I have not been able to consistently blog. I have been really busy. I am going to try to be better. Quick rundown of how things have been going this February:

1. I have been watching a lot of the Olympics. I love every thing about it except the Curling.... what an annoying sport (Sorry to any one that likes it)

2. I have been really focused on my calling in the church. I am teaching a lot and really focused in the lives of the girls that I teach. I am really good friends with 2 of my girls moms and they like to invite me to do things with them. Activities this month have included New Beginnings (an introduction to the young women program for any new beehives coming in throughout the year) Baptisms for the dead, Personal progress and this upcoming Tuesday hip hop abs at my place! We are having a little health and fitness lesson.

3. I blogged a little bit ago about how I thought there was a Cougar in my yard. Well about a week ago people found and killed a Cougar less than a mile away from my house. So I am convinced that there was for sure a cougar in my yard that day.

4. Hercules has been growing really big (I will post a lot of pictures of him probably tomorrow because my little nephew Benjamin loves to look at him)

5. Work is really busy lately. We added a new member to the office staff which requires a lot of training and time. Also sales have increased so there is more of my regular job to do.

6. I did hit 10 pounds down 3 days ago so I will need to post a pic soon and here is to the next ten!

7. I have been more OCD than normal I cleaned out my basement and have been in a deep cleaning mode.

That is pretty much what is going on and I am going to try to be better about posting.

PS: Note to Nancy. I did get your Valentines cards and loved them! I have been trying to Skype you guys but every time I log in you are offline. I wanted to skype Hercules for Benjamin. Hope all is well. Love you guys.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I really love the winter olympics!! I REMEMBER WHAT I DID ON FRIDAY NIGHT NOW!! I WATCHED THE SOCHI OPENING CEREMONIES! Here is what I did today (in no particular order):

Cleaned the house

Grocery Shopping

Visited my little sis

Went to Ikea and bought a shelf

Built a shelf from Ikea

Watched the Olympics

Did a puzzle

Made Cookies (for Young Women New Beginnings)

I have not weighed my self this week so I don't know if I have hit 10 lbs down...

Sleepy Friday

I had another log day at work and was tired the whole time. I cant remember what I did after work but I did go to sleep.

Hard to blog....(Thursday)

I just need to suck it up and play catch up for a minute. Thursday was busy I was at work from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM which are hours that I used to work but am not  used to any more so that was tough. Then I left work to go to zumba but the instructor texted and said that she needed to cancel for the night so I came home and went to bed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

One laid to rest..... One more gone

Today was a little emotional for two reasons.

Reason #1: Today I had the opportunity to attend the funeral for sgt Cory Wride. He was a great police officer that worked for the Utah county sheriffs office that was shot in his car. This was a sad day for officers and their families. He lived a great life but died a tragic death. There were thousands of officers in attendance and it was so wonderful to know that I am a part of this police officer family and the support that was shown was amazing.

Reason #2: Today I found out that a girl that I student taught 2 years ago hung herself and died because she was bullied and could not take it any more. She was quiet but really smart and beautiful I am so devastated and found a letter that she wrote to me when I left saying that one thing that she learned from me is that she could be anything that she wanted when she grew up all she had to do was put in  a little effort. She will be greatly missed. I am glad that I got to know her.

Today was also physically exhausting.

Only Reason: I went to help with a relief society activity in my Sister in laws ward and I did my zumba routines full out! I was so sore the next morning and I don't think that I have ever sweat so much in my whole life.

Today was just a rough day!

Where has this week gone?

I thought that I had caught up but then my week happened. It was an emotional, physical, and mentally challenging week. I can not even remember what happened on Tuesday which is where I left off on my blog last. I know I did Zumba and ate around 1400 calories but that is all I can remember.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still catching up....

I am almost caught up from my lack of posting over the weekend. Last night was a little boring. All I did was gather up all tax documents that I could find so that I can begin filing taxes. I once heard that when you have a home there is some sort of tax credit so I am hoping this is still true.

I did my 1 hour of Zumba and was sweating like crazy this time. (Sweat is a good thing! I have to keep telling myself that)

My fit bit battery needs to be charged so I did not track my calories very well today because when I am not wearing my fit bit I seem to forget that the app on my phone still works.

Super Bowl vs Harry Potter

I have never been a huge fan of sports so Super Bowl Sunday has never been a huge part of my life. So while most people were watching the Super Bowl, I was finishing up my Harry Potter weekend. Of course I took a break from Harry Potter to go to church and do an hour of Zumba.

For those of you who are following my weight loss journey I have decided to switch up my work out each month. January was considered my Hip Hop Abs month. I Did hip hop abs every day in January except for 4 days out of the month. February is my Zumba month. I already go to a Zumba class three days a week but I also have the Zumba fitness game for X-Box. I decided that I would do Zumba for an hour every day this month and see if I can trick my body and get out of this plateau of 9 pounds down and get to ten.

Any way that is how I spent my Super Bowl Sunday.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Harry Potter:#1 FAN

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I can't figure out why.....

It could be the fact that the first Harry Potter book came out when I was 11 and I was seriously hoping that I was going to get a letter to Hogwarts ha ha.


It could be that it is just such a well written story that I love it.


Every three months or so I have to get my Harry Potter fill in so I watch all 8 movies every three months. I also read all 7 books twice a year. I am a little obsessed.

That is what I did with my Saturday ( after 1 hour of Zumba, cleaning the house, and grocery shopping)

The weekend blues....

It appears that I have a problem posting on the weekends. I promise I am not lazy just busy! Except I was a little lazy this weekend. Friday was tough at work I did not get a lot of sleep due to the recent tragedy in the Utah police family. I was up all night while Cory was at work. It is not the most pleasant thing to watch your husband go off to work and deal with crazy people.

I did 30 min of hip hop abs today and then went straight to bed. I was so tired from the long night I had.

I honestly can not remember what I ate.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Blue Line

I was introduced to the blue line when Cory became a police officer. This simple symbol is a sign of mourning and love for officers that fall in the line of duty. In the 7 months that I have been a part of the police family I have needed to use the symbol three times. It is with a very sad an selfish heart  that I sit here minutes after Cory left for work tonight writing this post and wishing he were home.

People die every day doing their jobs but for some reason it it harder for me knowing that my husband is put in multiple situations a day that could be potentially life threatening. I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

Utah lost a great man and officer today. I hope and pray for the Wride family that they may feel peace and comfort. R.I.P. Officer Cory Wride.


On a lighter note I went to Zumba today and only ate 1200 calories again.


Last night I sad to stay at work later than usual due to some changes that suddenly took place at work so I did not leave until 6:30 last night. Right when I got home I had to change clothes and go to Zumba and when I got home I went right to sleep. It was a busy day for me. But when I woke up today I got a call from Cory who was just coming home from work and he asked me if anyone knocked on our door this morning. I was a little confused and he told me that there were tracks (in our 3 inches of snow). He went to investigate the tracks and noticed that they were rather large paw tracks the kind a big cat like a cougar or a bobcat might make!! The tracks went right up to my porch!!! Now I am scared there is a wild cat living near my house! I better keep Hercules inside!

I ate Subway twice yesterday, breakfast and lunch and I cant remember what I had for dinner.

I was unable to do Hip Hop Abs due to being so busy but I still got Zumba in so I don't feel as bad.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Skating vs. Brick Oven

Last night when I got home form work I did an hour of Hip Hop abs and this time I tried really hard to do everything with full intensity! I don't think I have ever sweat so bad in my life!!!

For the young women activity last night we were supposed to go ice skating at Seven Peaks. When we got there the line was super long and the rink was so packed that we decided that we did not want to risk dying among the crowd and we should go to brick oven instead. We got to brick oven and ordered......1.5 hours later our food came (brick oven was not even crowded) the pizza was gross and it was not very fun to have to wait that long.

As I was dropping some of the girls off after the activity, I got my first "I love you Sister Lewis" from this ward. In my old ward in Spanish Fork I had the same calling and was put in around October and it took until about February for me to get my first I love you and I have been in my calling here in Payson since October and it took about the same amount of time. It is the best feeling in the world to know these 12-13 year girls are beginning to get to know me and love me. (This last sentence was not meant to sound creepy in any way.)

I ate 1360 calories.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Date Night!

Last night when I go home from work I decided that we needed to go on a date!

Our date consisted of:
5:30 PM Car wash for my car
6:30 PM Cory buying 3 new pairs of jeans
7:00 PM Dinner at Red Robbin
8:30 PM Watched the movie Elysium from Red Box

We had such a grand old time!

I did not do my work out last but I forgot to write on my last two posts that I did 1 hour of hip hop abs both on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday Lessons

I had the privilege of teaching my beehives this Sunday but this is probably the first time I did not plan one! For those of you know me, you know that I am a very well planned out person. I like planning and making sure everything goes right!

I went into the classroom ready to make something up about the topic. As I was sitting there it hit me what I should do! The topic was "Who are you? and who do you want to become?" I had all the girls go around the circle and have them tell us in their words who they are. Some of the girls talked about their hobbies, siblings, family, friends, etc. Then I went around the circle and told each of them who I see them as. I said things like worthy daughter of god, characteristics and spiritual qualities that I see in each of them. Then we went around the room and I had all the girls tell me what they want to become. The girls said things about families, school, occupation, etc. Then I shared with them a beautiful song I love and just happen to already have on my phone called "What heaven sees in you" The song talks about what God sees in his daughters. Then I went on to bear my testimony about being a daughter of God and how I am so glad I have the calling that I have because this calling is part of what I want to become!

Overall it was a great lesson for not having any thing planned!

I was going to watch the Grammy's but I still had a bunch of my book to read so I decided to read instead because that book is just so good!

That was my Sunday!

So busy!!

I have not posted since Saturday so in order to catch up I am going to write a few quick posts because it will help me feel better!

Saturday was a busy day!

Zumba, Grocery Store, Cleaning house, Laundry, and then I did start reading my book club book which I could hardly put down. It is amazing and has me laughing and crying I recommend it to everyone!

I started feeling a little sick to my stomach on Saturday night so I just went to sleep.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Friday Night

Cory and I try to do something once a week that most people call date night. We call it yummy dinner night! Lately we have been going on Fridays. Last night I got off work at 7:00 PM and when I got home we went straight to mi ranchito in Payson. It was really good today. One time I went there and got sick after, but not this time.

When we got home from dinner it was almost time for Cory to go to work so I only did a half hour of hip hop abs.

Friday nights are a little boring and a little rushed but oh well.

I ate 1400 calories today.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hyper Cat

Yesterday my little cat Hercules was way too hyper. Usually he sleeps all day long and all night long. That was not the case yesterday. I have never seen him be so hyper for so long. He was meowing at everything for no reason. I let him go outside for a bit today thinking he could go run around and blow off some steam but that did not work either. Finally right before I left for Zumba he was starting to get tired.

Last night I did my hour of hip hop abs and then went to my hour of Zumba. I have been getting a little down on my self lately because I have lost nine pounds this year and am stuck at 9 pounds down and once I get to 10 I get to post another picture here on my blog. I cant seem to get to 10 pounds gone!. So at Zumba last night I was trying extra hard and trying to have a little fun (Zumba is soooooo fun) while I was having fun the instructor at one point said "Sarah is really picking it up back there!" It was one sentence that helped with a little motivation to keep going.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Zumba Cancelled!

Last night I was going to take one of my friends with me to the Zumba class that I have gone to a couple times and I was really excited. The zumba instructor is 20 weeks pregnant and had to cancel due to not feeling very well. I was a little bummed because I was so excited but want her to get feeling better.

Last night I did 1 hour of hip hop abs, cleaned the house a little, and then went to sleep.

Sometimes my life seems pretty uneventful but oh well!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Young Women Activity

I can not let my self get behind on my blog.... I can not let my self get behind on my blog.... I can not let my self get behind on my blog.. This is what I have to tell myself lately!!!

Last night I had young women's and we made Come Unto Christ blocks. While we were painting the blocks I was helping some girls pass off some of their personal progress tasks.

I really love working with the young women in the church I think that it keeps me young! I feel like if there is any one in this world I can help it is teenage girls!.

I did not work out last night because I needed a night off (and Pretty Little Liars was on). I don't know if I will post again tonight but I need to have another day where I post two in one day.