Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I am a big "list person" I make a list for everything!!! Whenever I make a list I am bound and determined to finish it quickly and efficiently. I have made a list of some things I am going to do this year:

1. No carbonation for 11 months (You might say why 11 months and not a full year.... well I need something to look forward to in December)

2. Brush teeth twice daily (Now this may seem a little gross but sometimes when I am really tired at night I just forget. I am just going to make it a solid habit)

3. Wake up at 5:00 AM every morning (You may be thinking 5:00 AM!!!! CRAZY!! Well I am a morning person and do better when I wake up early and I heard that you if wake up at the same time every single day your body is healthier)

4. Work out at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week (30 minutes should not be a super hard goal to hit)

5. No more Chai Tea (Since I turned 18 almost 7 years ago I became fond of Chai Tea. Chai tea contains a lot of calories and caffeine and that is why I am not going to drink it anymore.)

6. Have a treat on Sunday only. (I have a sweet tooth and love all cookies and brownies so to give those things up completely would just about kill me so I am going to limit my self to Sunday's. This does not mean the only think I will eat on Sunday is sugar but that will be the day that if I want to make brownies for my beehives (for all non-LDS friends a beehive is a 12-13 year old girl) I will eat a brownie that day)

7. Track Calories daily.

8. Make Lunches and eat less fast food!

Well there you have it, my 2014 resolutions!

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