Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Before Picture

This is a picture of what i look like right now as I start my weight loss journey.
Every ten pounds down I will post a new picture so I can see the changes.

Today I woke up and did a 30 minute "Hip Hop Ab" routine. I like dance/workout videos because I can learn the routines quickly and they are way fun once I get them mastered. I think working out needs to be fun!

I also want to use this blog as my food journal/ calorie counter so part of my post will just be the food I ate.

2 Whole Wheat Slices of bread  = 240 Calories
2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter = 190 Calories
1 Cup Milk = 110 Calories

3 Ounces of Carrots  = 35 Calories
2 Tablespoons Ranch  = 140 Calories
1 Yoplait Greek Yogurt  = 130 Calories

Cheese Ravioli with tomato Sauce  = 250 Calories
1 Cup Milk = 110 Calories

Total Calories for today =1205

One thing that I will need to work on is my water intake. I have never liked drinking a lot of water in fact it makes me feel sick. So today I have been trying really hard and am only at 35 ounces for the day. I know that making sure I am drinking a lot of water will help me so I need to make sure to focus on it.

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