Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Blue Line

I was introduced to the blue line when Cory became a police officer. This simple symbol is a sign of mourning and love for officers that fall in the line of duty. In the 7 months that I have been a part of the police family I have needed to use the symbol three times. It is with a very sad an selfish heart  that I sit here minutes after Cory left for work tonight writing this post and wishing he were home.

People die every day doing their jobs but for some reason it it harder for me knowing that my husband is put in multiple situations a day that could be potentially life threatening. I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

Utah lost a great man and officer today. I hope and pray for the Wride family that they may feel peace and comfort. R.I.P. Officer Cory Wride.


On a lighter note I went to Zumba today and only ate 1200 calories again.

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