Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Club

When I moved into my house back in October I was asked by a lady in my ward if I wanted to join a book club. I have never been a part of a book club and thought it would be fun so I said yes. The first book we read was called Edenbrooke and it was a great book.

Last night (since I forgot to post again), I went to my first book club meeting. There are about 15 ladies and it was fun to sit and chat about the book and have fun while doing it.

The next book that we have selected to read in our book club is "These is my words" I know nothing about it but apparently it is a wonderful book so I am excited to read it.

I did not have a chance to work out last night and it was the first day I did not religiously track my calories. I did however track breakfast and lunch and I am pretty sure I ate 1250 calories yesterday.

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