Thursday, January 2, 2014


Today I got a FitBit!!! This little device tracks sleep patterns, activity, food and water intake. It is water proof and can be worn all the time.

This will help me on my weight loss journey. Too bad I did not have it last night because I slept horribly. I don't think that I got very much sleep at all.

I have had a headache all day and I know it is because I stopped all caffeine. I did wake up at 5:00 AM but was so tired due to lack of sleep. I just sat on the couch I had no energy to get on my exercise bike.

Food for the day:

1 Carnation breakfast essentials = 60 Calories
1 Cup Milk = 130 Calories

1 Activia Greek Yogurt = 130 Calories
1 Slice Banana Bread = 190 Calories
3/4 Oz Cheese = 80 Calories
1 Package of Fruit Snacks = 90 Calories

Ravioli = 230 Calories
Tomato Sauce = 35 Calories
12 Oz Orange Juice = 170 Calories

Total Daily Calories=1115

I struggled worse today with water I only drank 1 water bottle. I am going to go do 30 minutes of a "Hip Hop Ab" Workout routine and hopefully I will drink a bunch of water in the process.

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