Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday: A day to get things done.

Today I was determined to get some things done.

9:00 AM = Went to a Zumba class for my second time. (I was still incredibly sore so it was a lot harder this time) While I was there I got talking to the lady teaching and she knows that I have danced ballroom for many years and asked me if I could possibly teach a ballroom class for some of her dance students. This would be awesome for me so I told her that if she needed me to I could!

10:30 AM= Went grocery shopping and bought some fun stuff for my police wife secret sister. (Since Cory was hired on with Springville City Police I joined a Facebook group for police wife's in Utah. They have a group of wife's that do a secret sister thing for 6 months. Every month for the 6 months I basically door bell ditch and drop off some sort of present for a police wife and every month I get a present from an unknown wife in return)

12:00 PM = Cleaned my house. I have been so focused on working out lately that I have not deep cleaned my house for 2 weeks and I usually do it at least once a week.

3:30 PM = Did hip hop abs for 30 minutes. I am extremely sore and it just about killed me.

Now and until bed= Watching the SAG award show and cuddling with my little Hercules

I burned about 2700 calories today according to my fit bit, and ate 1300.

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